2020 Video Show Reel

2020 Video Show Reel | Importance of Video Marketing Services


What is the Number 1 reason why you should be using video? Every social media platform right now – from Facebook to Instagram – not only wants video content but their algorithms give top priority to it. Are you using video right now? If you want exposure: Video is a must.

Your audience is already searching for answers on these platforms, and for 2019 Forbes reports users are 12 times more likely to find and share content with video than by text and images combined. This trend is just taking off, and by 2020 global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. You need high-quality video content that compellingly shows your level of professionalism: this is what will bring you the clients and customers everyone is fighting for. But it’s not what you show; it’s how you show it. From Instagram Stories, Facebook ads to Twitter posts, they each have their unique sweet spots depending on the social platform: Formatting, duration, aspect ratios, and resolutions. These are just a few of the critical elements to a successful video campaign. Everyone wants to stand out, but only a small handful of people have the expert video capabilities to compellingly capture their true talent. Leverage my years of experience working professionally in this arena to bring your concepts to life. Email us today for your personal quote

We can make it easy for you. When most people think about producing video content they often feel overwhelmed – We get that. Through a very personalized, collaborative process you’ll find I take the stress away from producing the professional, expert quality video you desire.


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