We are Digital craftsman. We make Designs that make statements about not making statements

Director’s Statement

Director's Statement

With the infusion of new media channels and a significantly more involved patient population, today’s creative directors must wear more hats than their creative forebears to keep their clients and teams happy. We can give you what you “want” but that is not going to translate to results. Instead, we can give you the confidence from the creative team’s ability to communicate why ideas can work, even if they are not what you had in mind or the vision isn’t exactly how you saw it. In today's “online” environment, it’s important to maintain an environment and provide resources for inspiration, not only with what’s happening in our industry but also in the creative world. Thinking bigger and across multiple channels is mandatory in today’s information-heavy environment. Creating the idea is still the goal, but giving the idea long legs so it can extend into other areas is the real task. President & CEO M-System Designs

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Talented Masters of Our Craft Devoted to the Perfection of OUR Pursuits

Marius Swita
Photography / Video & Graphic Designs

Capturing imagery for me is not merely looking – it is feeling. I capture content so you can feel what you’re seeing.

Jeff Smith
Creative Writing & Copywrite Expert

If you want to catch a fish, don’t think like a fisherman. Think like a fish.

Darius Stoica
2D / 3D Modeling

I speak robot and I am boring, but people love my creations.

Jessica Greenhill
Arts & Illustration

I'm an illustrator first, so my natural eye for aesthetic is of huge value to our clients.

Elizabeth Smith
Creative Graphics Design & Social Media

True creativity is compelling.

Bella Rossi
Brand Identity & Strategy

Your image is less about what you feel and more about how your audience feels. If a brand doesn’t make people feel, you don’t have one.

Mike Johnson
Patent & Legal

I keep things simple, and in perspective. No you can’t have the moon on the stick.

Lisa Delgado
Office Manager, Social Media & Presentations

My strength is transforming your customers and audiences into enthusiastic promoters of your brand.

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