Electroneum: The Global Enablement Currency

Electroneum - Global Enablement Currency | Mobile Based Cryptocurrency

Electroneum: The Global Enablement Currency

The Linchpin

Is it a basic human right to participate in the global economy? It absolutely is, but has been denied the 1.8 Billion unbanked:

ETN is the first ever fully regulatory compliant digital asset that transfers instantly, and safely, on the blockchain. All that is required is just a smartphone with web access — no terminals, no running lightning servers, no additional hardware, etc. With just a smartphone anyone can send or receive payments, earn free coins just by trying the App (iOS and Android), and access an open financial system for the world. The linchpin bringing together the banked and unbanked is now here.

Beyond Bitcoin

Going beyond Bitcoin, ETN transactions are paid instantly with Electroneum’s patent-pending Instant Payment System. No waiting, and already scalable for millions of users.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision for Bitcoin is a beautiful peer-to-peer electronic cash system; ETN is brilliantly the first peer-to-peer electronic cash system with full KYC/AML regulatory compliance that transfers instantly — global transactions in under 2 seconds. And for corporations Electroneum makes ETN remittances easy with its own simple API any business can understand — no need to hire blockchain engineers. Remittances are simply treated as a foreign currency at its spot price so deposits are made in corporations’ local currency.

The shift from the investment phase to blockchain’s payment utility phase is here. The invitation is open to everyone; asking nothing, and giving some free coins for trying it out.

Unmatched Growth

Bitcoin took almost 5 years to reach its first million real users; In just over its first year ETN is approaching 3 million fully registered users, remarkably besting the adoption rates of even Facebook or Twitter. ETN ranks #4 for website activity, which is one of the most important measures of real usage(source: Alexa), it is already the fastest growing cryptocurrency. Ever.

Cryptocurrency Now Has A Purpose

Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can now participate in the global economy, opening up opportunity for everybody across the globe. With ETN cryptocurrency now has a purpose.

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